Clay Crusher:

Made For All Ages

The board game that requires creativity, strategy and a little back stabbing. Make your finest sculpture in a short amount of time and try to avoid your friends crushing your creations, and your dreams. First one around the board wins!

Everything you need for a good time. Laughter, critical thinking, sneakiness, and revenge all wrapped up in a pretty little box.

Light Bulb Moment:

The idea all began on a fateful night in Austin, TX. I had some folks over for a party, and luckily, there was an obscene amount of Silly Putty on my desk. We started messing with it and came up with a crude set of rules to start making objects in the room. It was a thrill, and  then we went to sleep. In the MORNING everyone wanted to play the game again! A lightbulb went off in that moment and I thought that this game had a chance to be something special. After polishing this piece of coal for a few years, I improved game play, updated designs, closed loop holes and voila. 


"I haven't had so much fun playing a board game in years! It challenges you to be creative, but I was laughing the whole time." - George Elliman, TRIBEZA Magazine

"Exciting, hilarious and oddly satisfying" - Brett Roggenkamp, creator of Pen Island the Board Game

"One of the most creative board games I've ever played" - Aaron Weiss, owner of One Story Productions

"Clay Crusher is a delightful game to play. The best night I've had in quarantine so far." - Phil Couchman, Board Game Enthusiast

"I like to smash things." - Mike Welsh, Local Architect in Austin 


Derek Van Wagner - Board Game Design

Jack Brownson - Graphic Design

Ashton Perley - Box Design

Alejandro Varela - Rule Pamphlet Design

The Pantheon of Kick Butt Supporters:

Thomas McDonald

Scott Frerichs

George Elliman

Jim Stebbins

Scott Van Wagner

Michele Curley

Rose Brownson Smith

Hank Stebbins

Tony Dominguez

Mark Van Wagner

Nick Cantelmi

Scott Van Wagner